Curating a good event is all about the right alchemy coming together. Creating the right atmosphere and vibe is just as important as who is attending. It’s all in the details and this is a fact that the Nômas tribe knows all too well. From the sound engineering, finding the right DJ, staging the perfect mood lighting, tasteful interior design accents, location scouting, to hiring a talented private chef – we will turn your villa or event space into a chic lounge or ‘foodie’ destination. Transport your guests to a parallel universe where they lose track of time.


Let’s design an event to be remembered.

Maintain your work out routine with our recommended professionals.
Train your body, elevate your consciousness and relax your spirit by choosing a private yoga class, personal training, massage, meditation session or a spiritual ceremony.


A healthy mind in a healthy body, is the essential key to a happier life.




Our Tribe


We know what it takes to curate a seamless and fulfilling Cycladic holiday. From off the beaten path hidden gems that

are known by locals only, to the most exquisite must-do’s on the island, the Nômas tribe is your holiday local ιnsider in

Mykonos. We share a passion for cultural authenticity, deep-rooted hospitality and organising genuine sensory

awakening experiences; we are connected by an urge to explore – let us be your guide and curate together your own

personalised experiences.


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